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The New Moon is this morning in the sign Sagittarius at 13 degrees and 28 minutes at 9:36 AM Pacific. URANUS is coming out of retrograde and moves forward in the sign of Pisces at 26 degrees and 40 minutes at 5:51 PM Pacific. Now that you will be able to see all the work associated with your plans and visions, roll up your sleeves and get busy. A lot to do before Thursday night when Mercury goes retrograde. The aspects of Mercury to Pluto are best observed watching Capital Hill. This will affect Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo. Love out loud. Endless Blessings.

Am I misunderstanding all of this? “We the People” are being held like hostages until ransom is agreed upon? Is this kidnapping? Is this treason? We the People cannot count on the money that is deducted from personal payroll year after year, for payment of unemployment insurance to have been properly invested so that it provides support when we live in communities where the unemployment rate is 12% ? Whose fiduciary responsibility was it? Why are we arguing about who will pay in the future when insurance is invested and protected in funds that already exist? The administration of those funds is where the real questions lie? Not on the deficit, or on the backs of, “We the People.” And after being held hostage, we the people will want justice from the hostage takers? This deserves all the expressions of outrage that I see.

Mercury enters  Capricorn at 4:11PM Pacific until December 18, but goes retrograde during the holidays,  December 10 to 29, Mercury will leave Capricorn, returning to Sagittarius  on December 18, 2010; from January 13, 2011 to February 3, 2011, Mercury in Capricorn insists on communications about business, important career and professional work. Build your empire, or at least work at it. This will affect Capricorn, Cancer, Aires and Libra.  Let’s wrap up the year by getting the files organized and the 2011 plans and projections in place.  Let’s party when Mercury returns to Sagittarius later in the month and enjoy the holiday spirit.  Endless Blessings.

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